About the Webmistress

Hello there.  I’m Jen, a computer science major that graduated from Pennstate University.  I’ve been designing websites and doing graphic design since the days of Photoshop 3 and have a strong passion for digital media.  I am an avid gamer, preferring to play games based on the PC.  I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since its original beta where my favorite class is and always has been the druid.  I also enjoy other games such as Starcraft, Diablo, Unreal Tournament, and Counterstrike.  When not gaming on my PC you can find me gaming on my Xbox playing Rockband with friends or getting destroyed in Halo, or on my PS3 playing Assassin’s Creed and Devil May Cry .  Outside of work I enjoy riding and training horses.  I am the proud owner of Hot Dun Cashin Chex (“Dante”), a 2010 palomino AQHA stallion.


Programs/Computer Languages

Note: This list only includes the major programs or languages that I am highly
familiar. For a complete list please view my resume.


Adobe Acrobat After Effects CS5 Maxon Cinema 4D Dreamweaver CS5 Eclipse Flash Professional CS5 Linux OS
Maya 2010 Microsoft Office Suite NetBeans IDE Premiere CS5 Photoshop CS5 Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 SVN
Visual Studio 2010 Windows OS



C/C++ Flash Media HTML Java Javascript MySQL Databases
Oracle Databases PHP